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Madness Implacability 2

2015-11-28 19:19:44 by DIMB

Watch it <3

I know, it's lazy, I just wanted to release it, and yes, I took the tricky thing and put it all togheter, I'm really fucking lazy.


Also Kelzad's and his amazing alternative ending to it.


2015-10-09 13:44:11 by DIMB

I got finally after years a good madness animation idea, a plot, you want to hear it? no? ok. GG.

First Madness Animation...

2015-06-05 16:01:54 by DIMB

Started from the bottom now we here...

*September 21th 2007*

It was time I showed you guys this.

So yeah we've all been there, just a motivation so you know we all had those days... ALSO... I'M STILL WORKING ON WHAT I OWE SO YEAH FUCK YOU ALL.

Also I made a test with Delamortes Sprite Sheet


2015-02-11 21:58:09 by DIMB



2014-09-22 20:41:16 by DIMB

If you're expecting something from me, I am releasing some clips in a collab <3

Sorry for not finishing the rest, I will soon, I had no time

Not fucking dead dammit...

2014-04-21 17:08:10 by DIMB

that's fucking right...


The Truth...

2014-01-18 15:02:09 by DIMB

The truth is, I'm still working, BUT... slow as shit, I still love animating this bitch but everything takes my time so I'm going really slow, anyway, what's going on recently with the madness community? What have you guys been up to?


2013-10-19 16:50:19 by DIMB

The plot is just getting weird. You probably are wondering what Hank's doing there, well you will just have to see the toon soon.


Giving too much...

2013-10-06 14:32:41 by DIMB

No seriously you guys are just giving to much importance about what MD2013 was, it's true it actually sucked, Krinkels toon was genious, fucking great, also some others are really nice, I don't think I must name those.

Most of the animators couldn't get their projects done for MD2013, that doesn't mean Madness is DEAD.
It ain't the first time this happens, been watching Madness for about 8 years now, and animating it for over 5. I took breaks, but came back, that happens EVERYTIME. Probably you weren't at the Madness Comunnity for 2010, where everybody said madness is dead, few months after that we saw amazing movies, same thing happened every year, EVERY FUCKING YEAR, in a few months we will see how strong this bitch is, it ain't the first time this happens, this time happened in an awful moment, that was MD2013 that's why you're all saying it's dead.

Got some PMs saying; "y u no rlease ur toon" I'm sorry I was out I didn't have time to get it done in such a short time I had.
I'm not saying I will get it done for next year, it will be out soon. Just don't expect much about it, it ain't long, I didn't have time to get it longer, I'll just give it an end and start animating Implacability 2 and ICCOTD2.

My goal is to get ICCOTD2 done for December, I'm leaving in December again, so it must be done.

Here's a screenshot of the tricky short, I'M LOOKING FOR A MUSICIAN FOR THIS. FOR A WEIRD AS SHIT SONG BUT CATCHY.

Giving too much...

So Someone Stole it...

2013-09-10 15:27:35 by DIMB

I'm Leaving forever, he stole my animation...

I'm kidding, saw it. Thanks, guy who told me it got posted.
But yeah he stole 10 seconds from it, the one I have is pretty much longer, BUT... probably not done for MD2013 since I'M AT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RIGHT NOW NOT AT MY FUCKING HOME, so yeah probably can't get it done when I'm back (September 17th) it's just not enough time, but I'LL TRY.

So there is no progress since I left my country, September 1st. I'll try to get it done.

That's it for now, I'll do a new post when I'm back.