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Giving too much...

2013-10-06 14:32:41 by DIMB

No seriously you guys are just giving to much importance about what MD2013 was, it's true it actually sucked, Krinkels toon was genious, fucking great, also some others are really nice, I don't think I must name those.

Most of the animators couldn't get their projects done for MD2013, that doesn't mean Madness is DEAD.
It ain't the first time this happens, been watching Madness for about 8 years now, and animating it for over 5. I took breaks, but came back, that happens EVERYTIME. Probably you weren't at the Madness Comunnity for 2010, where everybody said madness is dead, few months after that we saw amazing movies, same thing happened every year, EVERY FUCKING YEAR, in a few months we will see how strong this bitch is, it ain't the first time this happens, this time happened in an awful moment, that was MD2013 that's why you're all saying it's dead.

Got some PMs saying; "y u no rlease ur toon" I'm sorry I was out I didn't have time to get it done in such a short time I had.
I'm not saying I will get it done for next year, it will be out soon. Just don't expect much about it, it ain't long, I didn't have time to get it longer, I'll just give it an end and start animating Implacability 2 and ICCOTD2.

My goal is to get ICCOTD2 done for December, I'm leaving in December again, so it must be done.

Here's a screenshot of the tricky short, I'M LOOKING FOR A MUSICIAN FOR THIS. FOR A WEIRD AS SHIT SONG BUT CATCHY.

Giving too much...


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2013-10-06 14:42:20

How weird? I make weird music.


2013-10-06 14:46:55

Madness cannot die....


2013-10-06 17:04:27

yeah!! ICCOTD2 is finished? Great.


2013-10-06 17:21:19

Madness 2008 was Okay
2009 gets a boost
2010 was pretty meh
2011 was the best year of madness day
2012 and 2013...yawn...


2013-10-06 17:26:54

sort of below.


2013-10-07 11:45:36

I'm still livid about not getting Dusk of Madness Overtime from LittleLuckyLink


2013-10-07 14:13:33

The same is happening with Clock Day and Pico Day,both used to be great once but now the only thing i see is a bunch of stupid shit or unfinished trailers.


2013-10-08 10:39:24

Hope people save all their unfinished toons till next years Madness Day, and overwhelm us with heaps of carnage and creative genius! As always: it was awesome.


2013-10-08 10:43:59

Did that sword sprite get fucked up or is it supposed to be like that?


2013-10-08 12:09:39

make a good work dumb :3