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My Plans for 2011

Posted by DIMB - December 30th, 2010

Okay uhm... well I have been pretty bored lately, black ops, well I have been playing with delamortes and we are gonna make a montage soon, let's see, what else... oh yeah, today I have been animating for like 4 hours doing awesome progress in Zunder's Collab's part from me. 9 Kills right now, my first melee kills that I could do right and 420 frames.

My Plans For this year... Alright... uhm...

1) I have been thinking about Madness DISINTEGRATION 4, nobody is really interesting about it so I don't think it will start soon, some guys are confirmed to join, but they aren't enough to start it so it will wait some time.

2) Madness Ionizing 2, like 2 weeks ago me and Delawares, we were about to start it, but meh, we just didn't for no reason, it will be started in some months.

3) My own Madness Project, some days ago I uploaded my old madness projects that I never wanted to finish, I never finished them for the reason that I hate them, I improve time to time, I just want people to look actual work, not old and shitty stuff. But someday when I cant improve anymore I'll start one, cuz I have to learn a FUCK LOAD yet to get as a good madness animator.

4) Me Joining Collabs, I won't join that much collabs as before if I'm in something big, like my project, ionizing 2, ect... if there is still people that makes collabs... since everybody left madness :( the only that could save that are the newcommers, I hope they just improve.

Thats all for now, I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

Screenshot of the unfinished clip for Zunder's Collab

My Plans for 2011

Comments (11)

Pish posh I'm ready for disengration 4

good good

Ah well, i see you will not have so many stuff next year... Anyways good luck and i hope your improvement wish comes true

I didnt really submit that much things this year, just collabs, more of them will be next year.

Awww man.
Screw it, MUD 4 is solo right now...

I just need to join a collab. I HAVE TOO MANY PARTS PILING UP!

mine wont start in a long time.

Yoo!! dimb <(^-^<)

heeey sup

ionizing 2 looks great

I hope it will

ionizing 2 eh? I have wanted to come out! hopefully better than the first lol! and last a little more ...

I hope it does

new year para chile

hey thanks happy new year 2 u 2

Happy 2011 DIMB!

Happy 2011 to you too!

Happy 2011!

Same to you

well happy new year. and you should do a solo project cuz i am and i animate like shit.

happy new year, solo projects takes too much time and i get bored of them pretty soon.

Madness Ionizing 2? Looks great, i hope you can start it soon, you and Delawares make an awesome team work...
Also, i'm a newcommer, not the best, i'm practicing, of course i will not make part of Madness Desintegration...